Google Vs. Bing

Back in the early days of the web, there were many options for searching. It was mostly a matter of preference which you used, and for some people, it was whichever one came as the default start page on your computer. Here are a few examples of the numerous pages that all claimed to be the best way to search the net:

Nowadays, these sites have either completely disappeared or are only a shadow of their formal self. Today there is only one true king of the ring. I speak of course, of Google. The word is now synonymous with searching, as in, “Google the top ten cars of 2011.” Google Image Search and Youtube (Acquired by Google a couple of years ago) means that you can search multimedia almost as easily as text, bringing the full power of the web to your fingertips.

Some time ago, Microsoft released their own search engine, and called it Bing. Their plan was to offer an alternative to Google. Two words describe the outcome so far: “Epic Fail.” Sometimes the results provided by Bing aren’t even close to Google. For example, my other blog at details the activities of the club I’m a member of, which include the hunt for Bigfoot and Ogopogo in British Columbia. We’re by far the largest organization in Canada devoted to the search for strange creatures.

On Google, searching for “bc bigfoot” lists our page fourth from the top. On Bing, performing the exact same search for “bc bigfoot” doesn’t seem to list our page at all; Wikipedia’s own article on Bigfoot only turns up on the 6th page of search results, far deeper than your average user is going to look. This is just one example, but as an IT worker I’ve witnessed a number of instances where people have used Bing in their Internet Explorer search bar and quickly gotten frustrated because they can’t find what they’re looking for. As soon as I suggest they try the same search on Google, the frustration disappears as the expected results just turn up.

There is one area where Microsoft still has the edge on Google. MS Word is still my preferred platform for document creation and design. However, Google Docs is steadily improving and makes it much easier to share and collaborate with others on your work. I think the days of installing hundreds of megabytes of software just to the occasional spreadsheet are numbered, and soon Google will own that too.


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