Cool Links

News before it happens

On average, I visit at least once a day. Some days, 3 or 4 times. This is because Reddit is addictive. Not only can you find cool links that other people have voted up or down, but you often will hear about stuff several days before it makes news in the “mainstream media.”

Great Site/Magazine

Almost every time I’m at the airport, I end up buying the latest copy of Wired magazine. The covers and graphics are always fantastic, but I really do read it for the articles. It’s almost like the printed version of Reddit, in the sense that they’re often on the cutting edge of news and technology. Turns out, they’re both owned by Conde Nast.

Best Blog On The Net

I’ve been reading BoingBoing for years now, and I can proudly say I knew about it before it was cool! As one of the best blogs on the net, BoingBoing has managed to maintain and increase its readership over the years while undergoing several design overhauls, which would crush a lesser blog. A team of quirky editors find the coolest stories and they’ve recently introduced a user-driven system called Submitterator to drive the greatest stuff to the top.

Weird and Wonderful Things

DRB is a great site for when you need something to talk about. Of the hundreds of funny picture/link sites on the net, DRB consistently finds stuff that is both interesting and thought-provoking. Check out the weekly Link Latte for freshly brewed bits and bytes.

Making Apartment Hunting Suck Less

Almost everyone has had the painful experience of trying to find an apartment online. Craigslist ads are often scant on details, or worse yet, lack pictures entirely. Then you have to go to Google Maps and punch in the address to see what else is in the neighborhood. Padmapper lets you do a custom search with your price range and requirements, then takes data from Craigslist as well as several other sources and overlays it directly on top of a Google Map. Awesome!


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